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Did you know that neglecting to clean your ductwork can lead to or worsen health problems and allergies? Don't let this ever become an issue by following the useful tips our experts have put together! Just scroll down to read more.

Call a professional if you notice leakage from your unit

If your air duct or air conditioning unit is leaking, it is a sign that the filters within your system are likely to be seriously blocked. Heavily blocked filters can lead to festering bacteria and debris building up. If not dealt with quickly, the condition will get worse until the system shuts down completely. If you see leaking, you should get your unit seen to by a professional right away.

Always check the HVAC air filter ratings

Mechanical air filters physically capture dust, dirt and other particles including microorganisms. Each one is given a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher this value, the better the filter is when it comes to capturing particles. The high-efficiency filters have a MERV of 15 on average. Anything above this would be even better.

Check the outdoor dryer vent flap for damage frequently

If it is bent or broken, the dryer vent flap must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the exhaust air may not get properly released and this can lead to malfunction of the appliance and even fire. The screen must be in proper condition as well. If it has lint stuck in it, the vent must be cleaned right away.

Keep the condenser unit safe from debris

This is important for keeping your whole HVAC system in good condition. Make sure there is clearance of at least two feet around the unit. While it may be tempting to put some sort of cover, you have to keep in mind that the clearance above the unit should be at least three to four feet. When you mow the lawn or do other garden work, take care not to throw anything in the direction of the unit. Clean any debris around the unit timely.


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